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Traditional norms of a functioning society have collapsed, countries have broken up and factions have formed.

Stars around the cosmos are starting to dim, causing theories to spring up among the scientific community.

Extraterrestrials are showing up on orbit.

What does humanity deal with first: each other, or the unknown?

What is Havoc Worlds

Havoc Worlds consists of 9999 unique and randomized characters from different factions battling their way against the Seekers for their rightful place in the cosmos.

Join a faction, choose your rank, and get transported to adventures you won’t expect. Welcome, Drifter. You’re just on time.


Kreons have long achieved what humanity had dreamed of: peace. The planet’s defense is appropriate only for their minimal internal conflicts. Kreons have perfected the Kreostroma, a technology capable of regenerating anything from biological tissue to an entire building’s structural foundation. After a millennia of a near-utopian renaissance, will it be enough against the HAVOC?

Skada Entrada

On the run from each of their old totalitarian states’ respective militia. The Skada Entrada is composed of multiracial escapees. They reside at Eludite’s Refuge, a place they call home.

The Story

In the near-distant future, humanity’s progress has never been more disrupted. Despite the planet’s technological advances, famine and global warming caused by climate change destroyed the chances of prosperity that the planet hoped to achieve. Power-hungry individuals have taken it upon themselves to take control of what’s left from the vacuum of authority.

Society has divided into factions, each having a hierarchy, scientists & soldiers are favored while artists get the short end of the stick. One fateful evening, the Inter-faction Orbital Space Analyzer IOSA (OuterSpace Treaty, 1967) notified all major factions that a UAP has entered the atmosphere and landed on a formerly contested island in the Mediterranean.


What is Havoc Worlds?

Havoc Worlds is a Lore and Art-centric NFT collectibles project. Join and invite your friends to our Discord Server!

What blockchain?

Havoc Worlds will be minted on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain.

Will there be a pre-sale?

A total of 200 whitelist slots will be given away to our community. The top 100 on the leaderboards in our Discord server will automatically earn a slot. The other 100 will be awarded through giveaways and contests.

When mint date?

  • Whitelisted: 04.16.2022 12MN(GMT+8)
  • Public Sale: 04.17.2022 12MN(GMT+8)

How many can you mint per wallet?

10 per Wallet

How much is the mint price?

₳50 each

How many are in this collection?

Total of 9999 (3333 xenos and 6666 humans)


By the all-powerful Progenitors.
Six Seekers have been tasked to initiate The Havoc


The Three Progenitors blessed the Seekers with unmatched power and resources to kickstart this movement.

The crypto dragon. He has been our consultant since day one. Without him, there is no Havoc Worlds.

The great provider. She has always been there to help us to kickstart this passion project.

A blackbelt of the Cardano Blockchain. He is the backbone of everything code related.


The moderators have gone above and beyond to maintain order in our Discord server.

See POLICY IDs page for the list of official policy IDs.