The Story

With the world caught in the grip of geopolitical tensions and mysterious occurrences, the Skada Entrada finds itself thrust into the spotlight when the Inter-faction Orbital Space Analyzer (IOSA) summons them to disclose information about an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) that landed within their Vythala's Dagger. Tasked with sharing insights into this enigmatic event, the Skada Entrada faces a daunting challenge that could unravel secrets beyond their imagination. Will they speak of the ordeal that had occured amongst the region?

Along the escalating global power struggles, attention turns to The NOVA, an emerging powerhouse in the New World. Questions arise regarding their aggressive arms race and potential ominous agendas; focus intesifies on a seismic event that rocked the Nova Centros, sparking concerns about its implications

The paths of the Skada Entrada and The NOVA intertwine, the Trio, including Skarde, who encounters with Nova Ministro Cillian and a new young leader named Lars. As intrigue mounts surrounding the identities and intentions of these figures, questions loom over their potential involvement in larger schemes and the hidden machinations that could shape the fate of the world.

The Team

By the all-powerful Progenitors.
Five Seekers have been tasked to initiate The Havoc


MK Chiron Crescent Parapraxis Tuthenheim Paragon


The Three Progenitors blessed the Seekers with unmatched power and resources to kickstart this movement.


The crypto dragon. He has been our consultant since day one. Without him, there is no Havoc Worlds.


The great provider. She has always been there to help us to kickstart this passion project.


A blackbelt of the Cardano Blockchain. He is the backbone of everything code related.

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